Friday, August 6, 2010

Hint Water

I've recently decided to allow myself to buy new and interesting drinks at Whole Foods.

There are some days where I love drinking water and other days where I hate it.

I try and tell myself "What's there to hate? You have clean, good water for you to drink. I mean some people would love to have this water and here you are sitting and complaining about drinking it. Shame on you!"

After I get over my guilt I usually reach for a soda because that's what I really wanted in the first place.

Then I'll feel a little guilty because people say that sodas bad.

"But I drink diet." I'll say.

Then they roll there eyes and say "Even worse."

It is at this point in the conversation where I think to myself "Do I even want to be friends with this person anymore? I mean look how self righteous they are being about soda. How was I ever friends with this person prior to this conversation."

Then I feel guilty for thinking that.

Well I pleased to announce that I have found a drink that solves all my problems.

Hint Water!

It's delicious and refreshing.

I don't know how they make this water because as soon as you twist off the cap you get a subtle hint of flavor aroma.

The aroma smells so fresh it's incredible and then with every sip you get this light hint of fresh flavor.

It's so well balanced.

Most flavor waters are saturated with a heavy flavor and often times have lots of calories.

I mean why would I ever drink water with calories in it.

Are you crazy?

Hint water has zero calories and uses nothing artificial.

So far I've tried cucumber, black raspberry, and watermelon.

I plan to try them all.

Now if only I could find this chocolate water somewhere.

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Jill said...

Sorry to be a weird frequent commenter, but I learned that you can get chocolate-mint water at Whole Foods here in Chicago! Last night there was a table set up with samples and BOGO coupons. I bought the chocolate and orange mint and took them to CIC and iO and we had our own taste-tests :)