Saturday, July 10, 2010

An Obsession Confession

I have never understood how bowling is scored.

In 9th grade P.E. Class our teacher dedicated a few weeks of the semester to studying the game of bowling and how it's scored.

I remember having several quizzes and tests where we had to tally up bowling scores however I someone got by with just guessing.

I know that a strike is 10 points (right?) but I don't understand how scores are added frame to frame.

Like it takes 2 frames to show up before your spare score is recorded (right?).

This causes big problems for me when I'm in a tight game like the one I was in the other night with my cast.

I thought I was going to win the whole time but then in the last frame Brett beat me somehow...I still don't know how!

Oh well I guess I'll never find out.

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