Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fads that are already Fads

The world is trying to trick us into being obsessed with things that we have already and will always be obsessed with.

I feel like everyone I know on Facebook is a runner...including myself.

I've been running since I was 5 yet now suddenly I think its the cool thing to do.

Red Velvet Cake was invented in the 50's.

My Mom had a recipe for it in her special recipe box my whole life and I never once asked her to make it for me.

Now almost overnight every bakery window has Red Velvet Cake advertised as this new trendy dessert.

Even I was waiting in line for 45 minutes to try Red Velvet Pancakes.

A 45 minuets line for something I could have asked my Mom to bake me years ago.
I feel like Katie Holmes started the cupcake trend.

5 years ago she brought a box of Magnolia cupcakes to her cast mates of whatever movie she was filming and suddenly everyone I know was talking about cupcakes.

Again a treat I have enjoyed since I was 5 years old.

Does anyone else feel like Betty White is being used at this point?

Everyone is so obsessed with her that it has me wondering if their obsession is even real.

Hollywood is shoving her into as many cameos as they can get her in to say trendy words like "Facebook" and "I Twitter" and I think its shameful.

I remember watching Betty White on old Mary Tyler Moore reruns on T.V. when I was really young and then watching her on Mama's Family in the 80's.

Not to mention watching 2 episodes of Golden Girls a night on Lifetime if I couldn't fall asleep.

I've always been a fan...we all have but now suddenly the world is acting as if she's this trendy new toy, slapping her face on hipster T-shirts all over the country.

Well advertising world I'm not listening to you anymore.

Stop making me like things I already like!

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