Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TV & Movie Update

Dexter- I just finished season two and I can't wait for more. I never though in a million years I would like this show. I'm not big on police, forensics, type shows like CSI or Law and Order. I was surprised I loved The Wire as much as I did so I never expected to love another show dealing with crime scenes. Michael C. Hall is pretty much the best actor ever. He's right up there with Daniel Day Lewis in my book. He makes me love Dexter so much that I wish I knew him. I get really jealous when Dexter brings donuts to the office because I wish he was bringing them to me. I usually watch the show after I perform my shows and its around 1am and my mouth starts watering every time I see those delicious donuts. Dexter is a very morbid show dealing with huge moral issues and questions yet its also hilarious. I laugh so hard every episode. I guess The Wire was my main course and now Dexter is my dessert.

More Than A Game (or the LeBron James story)- Now I am a sucker for all basketball movie. Especially the documentaries like Hoop Dreams and The Heart of the Game. Jeff sat me down a few nights ago and had me watch the LeBron James documentary that came out recently and of course I loved it. It's a story about LeBron James and his 4 best friends sticking together through thick and thin to try and win as many national titles as they can from 5 grade till senior year. It's incredible to watch a group of people so driven and committed to the same goal. It really aspires me to work hard in everything I do.
Moonstruck- I can't believe it took me so long to see this film. It's a great movie. Say what you will about Nicolas Cage but there are certain films out there that he is just outstanding in and this is one of them. He brings such a uniqueness, almost an oddity to his line deliveries but it works so well for him and makes me laugh so hard. Cher does a great job as well. It's just a wonderful, fun-loving film.

Bullets Over Broadway- This is Jeff's favorite Woody Allen movie and I'm going to go ahead and say I think it's mine as well. What a gem! Outstanding performances by the whole cast and of course I'm a sucker for movies dealing with the theatre. I love Dianne Wiest and Jennifer Tilly but my favorite actor was Jim Broadbent as Warren Purcell the stage actor who couldn't stop eating. Every time he was caught noshing on something or would exclaim "I'm famished!" before devouring everything in sight I died of laughter. The script is absolute perfection.

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Blogger said...

YES! about Dexter. I just watched season 4 when I went home and my parents had it On Demand. Great show! Have you seen Six Feet under?? Michael C. Hall is amazing in it, and he actually is my favorite actor.

Lastly, if you haven't seen the Woody Allen movie MatchPoint see it, it is my favorite.