Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rosetta Stone Japanese

Jeff got me Rosetta Stone Japanese a few weeks ago and I love it!

I have an ear for foreign languages meaning I'm good at mimicking accents and the cadence of phrases.

I am however horrible at verb conjugation.

I've never liked learning foreign languages.

In high school I took 2 years of Spanish with an extremely boring and difficult teacher.

All I remember are her showing us slides of her in her younger years in Mexico and Spain.

At UVA I had to take Spanish everyday at 8 am for an entire semester and I'm pretty sure it was the worst grade I had in my entire college career.

Actually when I first got to UVA I was signed up for Japanese 101 but it was far too much of an undertaking to take on my fist semester in college.

Especially since UVA uses the immersion method in their language classes which means no one is allowed to speak English EVER!

I'll never forget when someone in the back of my classroom fainted and I yelled "Paul just fell over!" and my Spanish teacher snapped "Juana en Espanol."

Juana= the worst Spanish name ever.

So when Jeff presented me with the Rosetta Stone I was skeptical.

2 hours later I was convinced that I was actually Japanese and that my parents adopted me at a young age and forced me to learn English as a way of covering up my past.

I am loving the program.

I plug my iPhone Headphones w/ mic into my computer and start one of the sections of the program.

The basic concept of Rosetta Stone is that they teach you how to learn a language the way you actually learned your first language by looking at something then making the word association.

So I'll be looking at tons of different pictures of men and woman of a variety of different ages and repeating phrases attached to them.

Later I'll realize that I just learned how to say baby boy, baby girl, young woman, old man.

But what's so great is that the program doesn't shove it all down your throat it just kinda lets you realize things on your own.

Like I'll learn how to say apple by looking at a picture of an apple then later they will show a variety of different aged men and woman eating the apple and suddenly I'm conjugating verbs and remembering naturally how to say "The young man eats the apple." or "The old lady finishes the apple." Because I'm simply building on what I've already seen.

Amazingly I do all this without even trying it all comes very naturally if you pay close attention.

What else is cool is that somehow I'm able to retain everything.

The other day I started up the program again after a few days off and immediately remembered everything.

It even teaches me the Kanji characters and how to spell each of the words I'm learning.

It's a really great program if you ever have lots of time on your hands.

I'm not saying I'll ever be fluent but I feel like I'm actually learning a language for the first time in my life.


Jessika said...

WOw! I can't believe you are learning Japanese. That's incredible! I always wanted to learn another language, but I just don't have the motivation. Kinda sorta speak Spanish, kinda sorta German,but both are no way grammatically correct and are completely rusty. You should totally correspond with my neighbor-- he's learning Japanese too!

I thought of your blog tonight. I needed a show to watch (because May finales are done) and so Netflix had Dexter Season 2 on their online queue. Such an amazing series. I don't think they could have picked a more perfect actor to play Dexter.

Mrs. Jarcy said...

I have wanted to ask for the Spanish version for some time now and this blog entry releases any doubts I had about doing so. Thank you! Also, I'm really diggin your blog and like when you write a lot. Please keep it up as much as time permits. The latest entry quite enjoyable and terribly relatable. Love, love!