Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter

I'm on Season 2 of Dexter and I'm really impressed with Michael C. Hall.

What I find myself obsessed with however is his marriage to Jennifer Carpenter who plays his kid sister Deb on the show.

That just adds a whole other layer to the show while I'm watching.

I think to myself "I wonder if they drove together to the set?" of "I wonder if they eat together on set?"

I hear they dated for a year and a half and no one knew then they surprised everyone and eloped.

They are an extremely private couple and that just makes me more obsessed with them.

I recently saw a quick interview on E where a brainless reporter questioned Jennifer about Michael's recent battle with cancer.

Jennifer immediately began to get choked up which I think caught the E reporter off guard and she quickly back tracked and said something like "I'm sure you're glad to have him all better."

And Jennifer said "Every second is special with him."

What a love story.

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Anonymous said...

My Boyfriend & I just love watching both Michael & Jennie..Michael, please get well soon...we love every series of every episodes...More power..