Thursday, June 24, 2010

Group Appetizers=To eat or not to eat

How many times has the following scenario happened to you?

It's a nice Saturday evening and you decide to meet up with big group of friends for a meal.

Some of them you are best friends with and others are friends of friends.

As you are perusing the menu someone says one of the following

a.) "I'm gonna get an appetizer for the table to share."
b.) "Let's get a couple appetizers."
c.) "Does anyone want to get an appetizer?"

You kind of nod your head and the person who made one of the above statements orders an appetizer.

Once it arrives said person encourages everyone to

a.) "Dig in."
b.) "Have some"
c.) "Take a taste"

So you pick up one mozzarella stick or three tortilla chips.

45 minuets later the bill comes and suddenly the person who ordered the appetizer informs the group that

a.) "You each owe an extra 3 bucks for the appetizer."
b.) "That just you owes 4 dollars since you were the only person who had some of it."
c.) "That you owe $7.99" because said person wants to get out of paying for the appetizer completely.

You're blood starts to boil but somehow you end up saying "O.K." and fork over the extra $8.00 even though all you had was one lousy mozzarella stick.

You take a mental picture of the persons face who got you into this predicament and vow to never share a meal with them again.

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Blogger said...

ugh...said people are annoying. Group appetizers are never worth it. though I'm often a fan of just splitting the long as I'm not getting completely ripped off and im with friends I like.