Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rating Movies at Netflix

I joined Netflix two weeks ago and I am obsessed with rating movies.

It's my favorite thing to do while I'm just on the internet doing nothing.

For some reason the whole process makes me feel very important and smart.

I feel like Netflix executives are instantly getting a message that says "Jeannie gives Adaptation 5 stars" and they turn to each other and say "Of course she did because she is so smart and was able to understand the brilliance of Kaufman. Good Job Jeannie!"

I just get so much satisfaction out of the whole thing.

I do have to remember to tell the truth however because there are some critically acclaimed movies that I don't like.

For example I didn't really like Scarface but I don't want to disappoint those executives so I'm tempted to give it 5 stars but then I remember that I have to tell the truth and just give it 3.

Also there are some bad movies that I really like that I'm embarrassed to tell the truth about.

Like my 4 star rating of In Her Shoes.

What?! I'm sorry I just really liked that movie.

I just don't want Netflix to be disappointed in me "She gave In Her Shoes that same star ranking as Babel. What type of system is she using? Maybe we should take away her Cerebral Status."

Oh no I just gave The Labyrinth 5 stars.

Guess I'll have to balance it by giving Ghandi 5 stars...but I thought that movie was boring...3 stars.


Jessika said...

I'll have to see In Her Shoes then because of your ranking!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog yesterday. Really made my day!

We'll have to post good Netflix watchings, since I have Netflix too! I'm kinda addicted to their instant play documentary section. SO fascinating.

Jane said...

Oh my gosh, I love to rate movies, too, but I love rating them just what I think because I know that I'm right and if the critics agree, then they are right and if they don't then they need to watch the movie again with my commentary. For instance, ISHTAR is one of my favorite movies and it bombed and everyone says they hated it, but whenever I convince someone to watch it after explaining to them what it's actually about, they're converted.