Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mustard Girl

Before I left Chicago for Hawaii my friend Adal threw an outdoor BBQ party for my friends and I.

Adal is a foodie and really had a great spread at the BBQ.

The last delicious thing I ate was a turducken hot dog (turkey, duck and chicken all ground up and in tube form).

The hot dog was amazing but what was even better was the Mustard Girl mustard he put on top of it.

It was the best mustard I have ever tasted!

I know that sounds crazy because mustard is just a condiment but it was really that good.

I googled the Mustard Girl and was really touched by her history and how her business got off the ground.

You can read all about it at www.mustardgirl.com

And please go out and buy some for all your summertime festivities.

1 comment:

Jane said...

I want some! I will have to order it from that gift company I guess. I must try it!