Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bret Michaels

Have you been watching this season of Celebrity Apprentice?

If you haven't you should be!

It's really good and I'm surprised to say my favorite contestant is Bret Michaels.

Until recently I knew nothing about him except he was in some hair band in the 80's and had that Rock of Love show which I never saw.

He is so crazy/manic and delightful to watch on Apprentice.

He genuinely seems like a good guy and I laugh every time he tries to explain anything to his teammates.

Bret has really made this season special and I was so upset to hear about all his medical problems recently.

But of course in typical Bret fashion he is persevering and recovering well with plans to be back on tour in 2 weeks.

2 weeks?!! I really think you need to take some more time off Bret I mean you just had a brain hemorrhage.

Get well my friend.

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