Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obsessions has been sick

I've been sick since Sunday night.

Just real bad sinus infection with fever.

I actually stayed in my cabin for 3 straight days except when I had to do my shows.

Today I'm feeling a bit better and definitely needed some fresh air.

Here are a few obsessions I have whenever I am feeling under the weather.

1.) Checking my Temperature- Whenever I am positive I am coming down with something I become a little obsessed with my thermometer. I'v been known to check it a million times in an hour. I use the thermometer as my main gage for judging just how sick I am. I have a wonderful one that lights up in different colors: light green is normal, orange is slightly bad and red is bad. I hate when I'm feeling really sick but my temperature is normal because I feel like I have no real proof that I am sick. As soon as I hit the orange I start telling people.

"Jeff I don't want to alarm you but I have a slight fever." I'll say and Jeff will merely nod his head.

"Jeff it could go even higher." And he'll nod again.

Great...I'll think he doesn't believe me. Nobody believes me! And I'll actually hope that my temperature goes into the red.

2.) Going to the doctor- If I'm sick I'm going to the doctor. I come up with exactly what I am going to say before I get there because if I don't rehearse I find I forget to mention some of my symptoms. Some doctors also like to water down how sick you are. Like I'll be coughing up a lung for a week and they'll say

"I mean your throat looks a little red but not much. Do you smoke?"

I will firmly tell them that I do not smoke and remind them that I have been coughing continuously for days now and that nothing over the counter seems to be working.

You've really got to know what to say to your doctor otherwise you'll walk out with a $200 bottle of Robitussin.

3.) Drink plenty of fluids- I don't really know what this is supposed to do but I guzzle tons of water and other clear fluids when I'm sick. I really like sprite zero.

4.) Remember what life was like when I wasn't sick- There is always a day during my sickness when I fondly remember the days that I wasn't sick. Why...I was just running 3 miles the other day on the treadmill...I'll think to look at me...I can barely stand in the shower for 5 minutes.

5.) Watching feel good movies- When I'm sick I only want to watch fun movies. Nothing to serious. This week alone I've watched: Pretty in Pink, Mystic Pizza, Waiting for Guffman and Slings and Arrows.

These are just a few funny obsessions about myself being sick however on a more serious note every time I'm sick I always realize that there are people out there who are sick everyday of there life. Some fighting just to stay alive and my heart really starts to hurt for them. Sometimes the common cold can really knock me out I can't imagine having worse so I just start praying for everyone I know who is sick.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rating Movies at Netflix

I joined Netflix two weeks ago and I am obsessed with rating movies.

It's my favorite thing to do while I'm just on the internet doing nothing.

For some reason the whole process makes me feel very important and smart.

I feel like Netflix executives are instantly getting a message that says "Jeannie gives Adaptation 5 stars" and they turn to each other and say "Of course she did because she is so smart and was able to understand the brilliance of Kaufman. Good Job Jeannie!"

I just get so much satisfaction out of the whole thing.

I do have to remember to tell the truth however because there are some critically acclaimed movies that I don't like.

For example I didn't really like Scarface but I don't want to disappoint those executives so I'm tempted to give it 5 stars but then I remember that I have to tell the truth and just give it 3.

Also there are some bad movies that I really like that I'm embarrassed to tell the truth about.

Like my 4 star rating of In Her Shoes.

What?! I'm sorry I just really liked that movie.

I just don't want Netflix to be disappointed in me "She gave In Her Shoes that same star ranking as Babel. What type of system is she using? Maybe we should take away her Cerebral Status."

Oh no I just gave The Labyrinth 5 stars.

Guess I'll have to balance it by giving Ghandi 5 stars...but I thought that movie was boring...3 stars.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mustard Girl

Before I left Chicago for Hawaii my friend Adal threw an outdoor BBQ party for my friends and I.

Adal is a foodie and really had a great spread at the BBQ.

The last delicious thing I ate was a turducken hot dog (turkey, duck and chicken all ground up and in tube form).

The hot dog was amazing but what was even better was the Mustard Girl mustard he put on top of it.

It was the best mustard I have ever tasted!

I know that sounds crazy because mustard is just a condiment but it was really that good.

I googled the Mustard Girl and was really touched by her history and how her business got off the ground.

You can read all about it at

And please go out and buy some for all your summertime festivities.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Dress

I splurged recently and bought a new dress for my brother's graduation.

I love it!

Do you?

Exuviance Face Wash

I've been using Exuviance since last November when my dermatologist recommended it.

It's a really wonderful face wash.

Basically all those face washes I was buying at CVS like Clean and Clear weren't actually getting the dirt off my face.

My doctor said I needed a cleanser that would really get in there and get the bacteria out.

I think Exuviance is a great, gentle face wash that really keeps my skin clean.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it anywhere in Hawaii.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Megan and I took a ballet class two weeks ago in Honolulu and loved it.

She had been taking ballet back in Chicago and encouraged me to try it with her.

I was a bit nervous because I am not flexible at all and the last time I had taken a dance class was when I was 3.

Also some classes say they are beginner level when in actuality they are pretty advanced so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Turns out I had a great time.

Megan and I even made the teacher laugh while doing our pirouettes.

It was a lot of fun and we have decided to go for a month straight.

I guess it's never to late to be a ballerina.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Paper Moon

While I was home last weekend my Mom insisted we watch Paper Moon.

For some reason I always put off watching movies my Mom really wants to watch because I always think they aren't going to be as good as she says they are.

I don't know why I do this because I always end up loving the movie.

So of course I fell in love with Paper Moon.

If you have never seen it you need to add it to your netflix queue.
The real life father/ daughter Ryan and Tatum O'Neal showed me how much fun it would be to make a movie with a family member, although I read he put a lot of pressure on her.

Still they are both adorable and my eyes welled up with tears at the end.

Also not to be forgotten Madeline Kahn.

She's hilarious.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun or Spa Heaven

I was looking through facebook pictures of my friends who still live in Japan and I came across one friend who had a whole bunch of interesting photos up of the most interesting spa I have ever seen.

I quickly googled it and discovered a place I would like to go to when I die.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is a hot springs amusement park with over 25 water attractions.

Here are a few types of spas they offer.

The Green Tea Spa: Made with real green tea!

The Wine Spa: Made with real wine!

Log Cabin Spa: If you look closely you can see a man relaxing. I wish I was that man!

Waterfalls Spa

Ummmmm I'm calling this one the Heaven Spa. Heaven is this what you look like?

Ancient Roman Bath

Coffee Spa: Made with real coffee!

I will visit this spa if its the last thing I do.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bret Michaels

Have you been watching this season of Celebrity Apprentice?

If you haven't you should be!

It's really good and I'm surprised to say my favorite contestant is Bret Michaels.

Until recently I knew nothing about him except he was in some hair band in the 80's and had that Rock of Love show which I never saw.

He is so crazy/manic and delightful to watch on Apprentice.

He genuinely seems like a good guy and I laugh every time he tries to explain anything to his teammates.

Bret has really made this season special and I was so upset to hear about all his medical problems recently.

But of course in typical Bret fashion he is persevering and recovering well with plans to be back on tour in 2 weeks.

2 weeks?!! I really think you need to take some more time off Bret I mean you just had a brain hemorrhage.

Get well my friend.