Monday, April 5, 2010

Side Braids

I have tried and failed several times to achieve the chic summer side braid look.

To me the side braid says to the world:

"Look at me! Its summer and my hair looks cute with hardly any effort. I'm ready to go out for a nice dinner or a Cubs game!"

The subtext is:

"This hairstyle is impossible to do without a stylist."

Am I right ladies?

My hair is pretty long right now and I want to keep it that way but alas the heat is going to be unbearable soon and I predict I'll be throwing my hair into boring pony tails.

If only I could achieve the side braid with a pony tail look.

Did LC invent this hair style?

1 comment:

Jessika said...

It is totally a hairstyle if you have a stylist. I know mine would have lots of little hairs sticking out every which way, probably look ridiculous until about halfway through my forehead, and then the hair in the middle of my head would probably fall over it. Oh, and, inevitably, sometime through the evening, I would try to run my fingers through my hair, and then muss up the braid by accident.

Wow, I sound like a pessimist, which I'm usually not when it comes to my hair... but braids... braids like this are worth trying but likely not worth trying with out a cocktail!