Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Annoying Obsession

My parents live by a really beautiful shopping center.

I always want to go there however I do not like their Macy's.

Mother and I love shopping at Macy's but when she suggests the one closest to her house I find myself saying "No!"

The reason behind my animosity is this Sunglass Hut that sits in the middle of the store.

During the Christmas season this particular Macy's was bustling and I found myself trying to check out at the Sunglass Hut register.

The sales girl gave me a "look" and waved her arms as if to say "No go away".

"I can only do transactions for THE SUNGLASS HUT here." She said.

I looked around and every other register had a huge line.

"It's only one item." I said trying to negotiate.

"I mean I'm not even able to do it our machines are totally different. Even if I wanted to I can't." She said in a know it all voice.

So we went to another register and waited forever and paid, all the while the sales woman at the Sunglass Hut stood rearranging things and dusting.

We began walking out of the store and my Mom realized she had forgotten to get gift boxes.

Once again I found myself walking over to the Sunglass Hut asking for a box.

The sales woman gave me another "look" and again waved her arms.

"I don't have any gift bags or boxes all I have are SUNGLASS CASES."

I walked away so annoyed and told my Mom I would never set foot in that Macy's again.

Well after the holidays I found myself back there trying to return a hat.

I tried going to the register at I.N.C but the sales woman was on the phone and literally never made eye contact with me.

So once again I found myself at the Sunglass Hut section of Macy's face to face with the same sales woman from Christmas.

"Can I return this hat?" I asked.

"This is the Sunglass Hut I can only to transactions that involve sunglasses." She said rudely.

I walked away again vowing to never come back and so far I haven't.

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