Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unwither Ring

It's been a few months since I blogged about Farmville.

All you need to know is I'm obsessed.

Since I've had a lot of time off recently its been nice to have a fun game to play and harvesting is based around having a lots of free time.

I enjoy telling my parents and Jeff daily updates about farmville and they don't seem to be annoyed with me yet.

It's also just fun to have inside farmville jokes with other farmers.

It's as close as I have ever become to one of those people who play Magic the Gathering or World of the Warcraft.

Well the latest craze on the farm has been sending fellow farmers Valentines.

I love Valentine's Day in general so mix in farmville and I am ecstatic.

"Jeff I have 35 valentines in my farmville mailbox!" I say with joy.

" that good?" Jeff asks.

"Well its just o.k." I say. "What I really want is the Unwither Ring."

"What's that?" Jeff said

"Well its farmville's version of an engagement ring and basically once it's in your possession your crops never wither." I say.

"How much is it?" Jeff asked.

"250 Farmville dollars which is probable the equivalent of $40."

"Do you think I should..."

"No.." Jeff interrupts "You are not going to spend real money on your fake farm."

"But my crops will never die!" I lament.

You know you've reached an all new low when you desire a virtual Valentine's Day gift over a real one.

I Love You Farmville!


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Jane said...

Not much of a fan of Facebook apps, but you make it sound kind of fun. And, in your case, by fun, I mean obsessive. I guess that would fit right in with "Jeannie's Obsessions."

superkev said...

I'm imagining a real world in which a $40 ring would prevent crops from dying. I'd send a bunch of those to Africa just in time for Valentine's Day, which is known there as "Drought Season."