Monday, February 1, 2010

Tea Cup Lamp

I am obsessed with this lamp made out of tea cups.

However it's from The Potterybarn for Kids.

Can I get it anyway?

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Rebecca said...

I was obsessed with some bird pictures I found in a catalog. I bought them and they are the only thing I bothered hanging up in my apartment. And, my dear friend Jeannie, they were from Pottery Barn for Kids. So, I of course say buy the lamp. XO, Becca

Deanna Moffitt said...

Of course you can get it...or better yet, you can make one yourself with teacups and saucers you collect. A friend of mine did just that it looks so cute and has a great story behind it. She just had a special drill attachment that she was able to drill threw the cups and saucers and then bought a lamp kit and voila.

You can do it too!

- D