Sunday, February 7, 2010

Momma JC

My family is pretty Scrabble obsessed.

I had never played the game before until I came home this past Christmas.

I'm not a big word person.

My family quickly turned me onto the game and my brother suggested I get the free Word Play app for my iPhone so I could play him and my Mom all the time.

So I downloaded the app and my brother texted me his World Play name and we soon were playing a virtual Scrabble game.

"Mom" I shouted.

"What's your Word Play name?"

"Ummm I don't remember" She replied then texted my brother.

"Momma JC" She replied.

So I typed in her name and quickly began playing with her.

A few days passed when I suddenly realized

"Wait how could my Mom be playing this game with me when her iPhone is charging beside me?"

"Mom are you playing me in a Word Play game?" I shouted.

"No" My Mom answered.

"Well then who have I been playing all week?" I asked.

I soon figured out that I mistyped her name as Momma JC when her real name is MamaJC.

So I've been playing a stranger in a game of Scrabble all week long and can I just say she or he is amazing.

They have 435 points and I have 115.

She or he used the word Musket for crying out loud.

That really impressed me.

I wonder if she or he will want to continue playing me?

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