Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hazelnut Biscotti Creamer

Both my parents make really good coffee at home a feat I myself have never accomplished.

A few months ago my Mom bought some Hazelnut Biscotti creamer.

It was so incredibly delicious.

I've never put much faith in those at home creamers but I have been proven wrong.

They are great.

I picture them being made for women who can't leave the house.....hard working stay at home Moms who can't leave the house for even a second to run to a local coffee shop because she knows the house will explode if she does.

I imagine such a woman stirring in one of these new international Coffee Mate creamers into her early morning cup of Joe and equating it to getting her passport stamped at the Leonardo DiVinci airport in Rome.....a place she still hopes she will one day visit but deep down inside knows she never will.

And so she relies on these delicious creamers and sensory imaging to transport her to Rome, Belgium and Paris all without leaving her kitchen.

So my favorite flavor of the World Cafe Coffee-Mate Series is the Hazelnut Biscotti and I can't find it anywhere!

Empty row after row where it once graced the shelf in the grocery store refrigerator with its skew labeled "HZNT BIS" calling out to me.

I am so deeply saddened that this new obsession was so short lived.

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mike said...

Thanks for sharing this post to us. Upon reading your post, I tried the hazelnut biscotti creamer on my cup of coffee and it was really awesome! I have tried flavored coffeemakers in the past before, but nothing comes close to the taste of the biscotti creamer. Thanks for the post! Kudos!