Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm obsessed with this site!

Basically everyday a business in a participating city puts up a really great deal to their establishment and if enough people buy the deal then the deal becomes activated.

I have yet to purchase a groupon but it doesn't matter because I have so much fun just looking at them online.

I even look up what groupons are up in other cities!

Cities I have never been to nor will ever visit yet I love looking up what groupons are available there.

Go there!


Deanna Moffitt said...

Jeannie, I love Groupon's too, and have purchased several things with them. But the BEST part is once you refer someone who then buys something you get $10 in your Groupon account. It's like free money!!

I hope you get like $100 in referrals for telling everyone how much you like Groupon.

Jack Kirby said...

If you're in the UK, you should check out . I've already gotten loyalty cards for Costa coffee and Wagamama, and today's deal is for a great Japanese restaurant