Sunday, February 28, 2010

Travelocity Gnome

Every time I see this little Gnome on the Amazing Race I smile!


I'm obsessed with this site!

Basically everyday a business in a participating city puts up a really great deal to their establishment and if enough people buy the deal then the deal becomes activated.

I have yet to purchase a groupon but it doesn't matter because I have so much fun just looking at them online.

I even look up what groupons are up in other cities!

Cities I have never been to nor will ever visit yet I love looking up what groupons are available there.

Go there!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sour Patch Jelly Beans

A friend reminded me how much I enjoyed this Easter treat last year.

Something about the texture makes these little guys my new favorite Easter candy.

Go try some!

Friday, February 12, 2010

This just in....

I am pleased to announce that upon randomly googling my blog today, I discovered it had been featured in the Fairfield Weekly!

Obsessions is blowing up!

I can't tell you how hard this whole thing has made me laugh today.

It's just so absurd and funny.

This is how the article starts out :

FREETIME: Nobody Beats the Fizz

The story of seltzer water — it’s big

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

On her blog, "Jeannie's Obsessions," you'll find a June 2009 post giddily titled"Seltzer!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jeannie writes, "I love Seltzer Water!!!! ... Sometimes I'm thirsty and I don't want water and I don't want soda but I want a little bit of carbonation.

"I've loved carbonation ever since I realized how much it helped my stomach on car rides."

"As I have mentioned before I am very prone to motion sickness."

Jeannie's in good company.

To read the full article you can go to:

Thank you Fairfield Weekly!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unwither Ring

It's been a few months since I blogged about Farmville.

All you need to know is I'm obsessed.

Since I've had a lot of time off recently its been nice to have a fun game to play and harvesting is based around having a lots of free time.

I enjoy telling my parents and Jeff daily updates about farmville and they don't seem to be annoyed with me yet.

It's also just fun to have inside farmville jokes with other farmers.

It's as close as I have ever become to one of those people who play Magic the Gathering or World of the Warcraft.

Well the latest craze on the farm has been sending fellow farmers Valentines.

I love Valentine's Day in general so mix in farmville and I am ecstatic.

"Jeff I have 35 valentines in my farmville mailbox!" I say with joy.

" that good?" Jeff asks.

"Well its just o.k." I say. "What I really want is the Unwither Ring."

"What's that?" Jeff said

"Well its farmville's version of an engagement ring and basically once it's in your possession your crops never wither." I say.

"How much is it?" Jeff asked.

"250 Farmville dollars which is probable the equivalent of $40."

"Do you think I should..."

"No.." Jeff interrupts "You are not going to spend real money on your fake farm."

"But my crops will never die!" I lament.

You know you've reached an all new low when you desire a virtual Valentine's Day gift over a real one.

I Love You Farmville!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hazelnut Biscotti Creamer

Both my parents make really good coffee at home a feat I myself have never accomplished.

A few months ago my Mom bought some Hazelnut Biscotti creamer.

It was so incredibly delicious.

I've never put much faith in those at home creamers but I have been proven wrong.

They are great.

I picture them being made for women who can't leave the house.....hard working stay at home Moms who can't leave the house for even a second to run to a local coffee shop because she knows the house will explode if she does.

I imagine such a woman stirring in one of these new international Coffee Mate creamers into her early morning cup of Joe and equating it to getting her passport stamped at the Leonardo DiVinci airport in Rome.....a place she still hopes she will one day visit but deep down inside knows she never will.

And so she relies on these delicious creamers and sensory imaging to transport her to Rome, Belgium and Paris all without leaving her kitchen.

So my favorite flavor of the World Cafe Coffee-Mate Series is the Hazelnut Biscotti and I can't find it anywhere!

Empty row after row where it once graced the shelf in the grocery store refrigerator with its skew labeled "HZNT BIS" calling out to me.

I am so deeply saddened that this new obsession was so short lived.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Colorful Car Polish

Every since I was a little girl I have loved going through the car wash!

Those were the days when it felt like a giant octopus was attacking the car.

Nowadays all car washes use high pressure water to clean off the car which at first sounds a little boring however they finish off the wash with a colorful polish that makes you feel like you are inside a Jackson Pollock painting.

Till this day I get excited when the final polish begins loading.

"Mom is this when the color come out?" I always ask.

And then little splats of color begin to speck the windows of the car.

"YES!" I scream and then I cheer.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Momma JC

My family is pretty Scrabble obsessed.

I had never played the game before until I came home this past Christmas.

I'm not a big word person.

My family quickly turned me onto the game and my brother suggested I get the free Word Play app for my iPhone so I could play him and my Mom all the time.

So I downloaded the app and my brother texted me his World Play name and we soon were playing a virtual Scrabble game.

"Mom" I shouted.

"What's your Word Play name?"

"Ummm I don't remember" She replied then texted my brother.

"Momma JC" She replied.

So I typed in her name and quickly began playing with her.

A few days passed when I suddenly realized

"Wait how could my Mom be playing this game with me when her iPhone is charging beside me?"

"Mom are you playing me in a Word Play game?" I shouted.

"No" My Mom answered.

"Well then who have I been playing all week?" I asked.

I soon figured out that I mistyped her name as Momma JC when her real name is MamaJC.

So I've been playing a stranger in a game of Scrabble all week long and can I just say she or he is amazing.

They have 435 points and I have 115.

She or he used the word Musket for crying out loud.

That really impressed me.

I wonder if she or he will want to continue playing me?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tea Cup Lamp

I am obsessed with this lamp made out of tea cups.

However it's from The Potterybarn for Kids.

Can I get it anyway?

-- Post From My iPhone