Monday, December 28, 2009

Chickens and Cornbread

After Waimea Canyon we went to a restaurant lodge place and I bought some chicken feed.

Things got a little out of hand as more and more chickens came out from all over the place.

I was a little frightened but it reminded me of my favorite song from Mary Poppins "Feed the Birds."

Afterwards Brett and I ate delicious homemade cornbread soaked in butter.

We then realized that cornbread and windy roads isn't such a great idea and I proceeded to gag the whole way back.

Favorite soundbyte of Brett's "The butter from the cornbread dripped on my shorts in the shape of the Hawaiian islands."

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Jessika said...

Being the sneaky person that I am, when we stayed in one of those cabins (right next to the restaurant), I lured one of the jungle fowl into the cabin with Cheerios. One of my poor family members was taking a shower, and they came out to us screeching around yelling "Chicken in the houuuuse!!!" Fabulous!