Monday, December 28, 2009


Rance Rizzutto carved the likeness of Aphasia into a pumpkin!


Also this year my Momma made Jeff and I each a halloween costume.

I felt so loved.

She stayed up several nights in a row till 4 am then her and my Dad hopped in the truck and drove to a 24 hour post office to get them to us in time.

I love my parents.

I had so much fun that night showing off our homemade costumes.

Final Tennis Photos

Us walking to the resort tennis courts.

If I had played tennis in high school I would have wanted these guys on my team.

Nothing but Love-Love for you guys!

Chickens and Cornbread

After Waimea Canyon we went to a restaurant lodge place and I bought some chicken feed.

Things got a little out of hand as more and more chickens came out from all over the place.

I was a little frightened but it reminded me of my favorite song from Mary Poppins "Feed the Birds."

Afterwards Brett and I ate delicious homemade cornbread soaked in butter.

We then realized that cornbread and windy roads isn't such a great idea and I proceeded to gag the whole way back.

Favorite soundbyte of Brett's "The butter from the cornbread dripped on my shorts in the shape of the Hawaiian islands."

Waimea Canyon

Pic from one of our last day trips to Waimea Canyon.

Great day with great people.

Video we shot on the Lost beach

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lost (The T.V. Show) Photos

Brett, Jeff and I stumbled upon several LOST locations one day.

It was pretty darn cool.

The "others" camp.

Anyone could just walk around.
"other's" security cameras.

I guess the playground gets blown up next season.

My house if I was an "other".

I still can't believe I got to see it.