Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One of the things I am going to miss most about Hawaii is playing tennis.

I have played tennis pretty much twice a week for the last six months.

I had to take the month of September off because I got to angry and needed to calm down.

I got so angry that I threw my racket on the ground and it bended the top of it into a square.

I call it my sponge bob square racket.

That's right I have a love/hate relationship with tennis.

My whole life I have only played team sports: volleyball, soccer and basketball.

I was always very athletic.

In fact my Mom used to take my brother and I out to play tennis in the summer time and it was fun but mainly a cardio type thing.

Playing tennis in Hawaii has made me realize how much I missed out not playing an individual sport.

In tennis you can really only get mad at yourself but I like to get mad at Brett.

Brett drives me insane playing tennis.

My blood boils and I want to hit him with the tennis ball which I have done successfully.

He in turn hit me right in my crotch then doubled over in laughter.

Tennis has done wonders for my body.

I feel like its the sole reason I have a waist again.

Just all the twisting and turning and my arms seem a little firmer as well.

I just love love love tennis and the camaraderie its built.

I'm going to miss is sooooooooooo much =(

But I told Jeff we would play my Mom and brother in San Antonio.

Here's a few actions shots and a video of us warming up!

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Mrs. Jarcy said...

Jeannie, are you guys going back to Chicago? You can play at that indoor tennis club on Fullerton/Damen/Elston I bet. Never been much of a tennis player but it looks like you've had so much fun!