Thursday, November 5, 2009

Makeover Time

I am in need of a little maintenance.

All this sunshine has made me break out a bit and has also seemed to fry my hair.

No complaints just facts.

Now I only cut my hair about once a year.

I'm interested in finding a hair style in which I can wear my hair down when I perform and yet still have it stay out of my face.

Impossible you say?

Then what about professional cheerleaders?

They always have their hair down and it never gets in their face.

How do they achieve this?

I plan on asking my stylist Elva.

Also for the last few years I have been dying my hair a darker brown than it really is.

The last two times however the dye seemed to wash out really fast.

So I can't decide if I will dye my hair and if so what color.


For years I only used expensive make-up: Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Clinique, MAC etc.

However for the last eight months I have been using el cheapo Maybelline mineral powder and other pharmacy brands and have been pretty happy.

I feel that after almost a year of using the cheap stuff however it would be O.K. to go back to the expensive stuff for a while.

That being said should I go back to a brand I've already tried or should I try something new?


Lastly I have been using Aveeno and Clean and Clear facial cleansers for the last 4 years.

They usually do the drink but not at the moment.

What fancy facial cleaners should I try?

I like a good, clean, scrubbed face, that feels tingly clean.

Anyone have any tips?


Anonymous said...

go to it's worth making and account to see what gets the best reviews

Molls said...

For face cleansers etc. I LOVE Mario Badescu. You can go to, fill out a survey and they send you free samples. It's also not as expensive as other fancy brands and lots of celebs use it. It's the best!

If you want to spend a $135 a bottle, Creme Anceienne by Fresh is AWESOME. I got a sample once. However $135 is a little much for me.