Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Red Velvet Cake

For months Jeff and I had been passing a really cute bakery called Satura Cakes.

They specialize in a fusion Japanese-European baking style.

Well we finally went in about 2 weeks ago and they have lots of different types of cupcakes for sale.

They aren't your typical cupcakes however but rather a deconstructed cupcake that you have to eat with a fork or spoon.

But they do sell them in little cups.

I bought a red velvet cup cake since I couldn't remember if I had ever had red velvet cake.

It was fantastic!

I am obsessed with red velvet cake!

I remember growing up my Mom had a really cute little Longaberger basket that she would keep all her recipes in.

Anytime I was bored and in the kitchen I would just flip through it and loved touching each hand written card that my Mom had taken down.

My favorite card was the one for red velvet cake.

It was a little different than the other cards, I think my Mom maybe got it from a friend.

I don't know why I just always loved that card.

My Mom also has a recipe book that has a cartoon mouse on the front holding a muffin tin.

Its my favorite cook book to look through because my Mom has scribbled special notes and her own cooking directions throughout it.

My Mom is a wonderful cook and baker and this time I promised her that when I come home I want to learn her tricks.

First on the list: that red velvet cake.

Coincidentally, my friend Becca finally got around to sending me my Christmas gift from last year =).

Poor thing she had been trying to mail it to me for an entire year!

But she never gave up and I got it this week and it was covered in Merry Christmas stickers.

It was so funny because I was with Brett and he said "Wow she's really early."

"Its from last year" I replied.

Well low and behold inside was a recipe box and inside were three different body washes: Red Velvet Cake, Cream Frosting, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Is that perfect or what!

I immediately took a shower and drenched myself with the red velvet cake shower gel.

I really wanted to taste it but I refrained.

Thank you Becca!

Also its really fun getting a random Christmas gift in October.

I hope Becca delays all my gifts in the future.

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Rebecca said...

I love you for making me feel better about my 10 month late 2008 Christmas gift.