Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pankun and James the greatest duo ever

My search is over.

I have found the world's greatest monkey.

The Adventures of Pankun (the monkey) and James (the bulldog) is a show in Japan.

They pretty much have the entire series on youtube.

The duo is so comical and are true best friends.

Every episode Pankun is thrown into a new scenario, like he becomes a fire fighter, he takes a P.E. class, he shops at the local store.

Pankun mimics humans incredible well.

He has an adorable trainer and the two of them dress alike in overalls and red bandanas.

James is just along for the ride.

I won't overwhelm you folks by putting up too many youtubes but here are a few just to get you obsessed.


Anonymous said...

I love Pan-kun and James. You should watch him make noodles!

Obsessions said...

Tak! I have seen it. Oh man sooooo good.

Phoenix said...

Gosh, I'm obsessed too!! He's just so adorable. And the spontaneous hugs he gives them all; he brings so much joy.

Have you seen the one with the magician?? Unbelievably cute!!