Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Zealand

New Zealand first crossed my mind back in 2000 and whatever when those Lord of the Ring movies started coming out.

I had a crush on Orlando Bloom and tried to figure out how I could get a summer job working on the set of the second film.

I googled around and found out they shot the movie in New Zealand.

That's cool I thought.

Needless to say there weren't any summer intern applications on the website.


The second time I thought about New Zealand was when I started becoming a fan of the folk comic duo Flight of the Conchords.

I fell in love with their accent and off beat quirky humor.

They talk a lot about New Zealand in their show.

Like how they are always in a little competition with the Aussies and how the only thing people know about New Zealand is that LOTR was filmed there (which was true in my case.)


Well today as I was walking off the tender boat (a small boat that takes you from the cruise ship to land when you don't dock) a cool looking guy looked at Jeff, Brett and I and said

"Hey you guys had a pretty good show tonight."

Jeff and Brett said thank you but I was speechless, not because of the compliment but because the guy had a thick New Zealand accent.

I nodded and smiled back at him and the man who appeared to be his father.

As soon as we got off the tender I turned to Jeff and started freaking out!

"Jeff I'm certain they are from New Zealand! I wish I had asked I have always wanted to meet someone from New Zealand."

We continued walking down the street and it just so happened the two gentlemen were still behind us.

"She would like to ask you a questions." Jeff said to the elderly father.

I smiled and asked "Are you from New Zealand?"

"Yeah" they both answered.

I jumped up and down.

"Oh man you guys have the greatest accent." I said

"I didn't know we had an accent" the father replied.

We all started laughing.

Then they tried to do an American accent.

"What's New Zealand like?" I asked. "I gotta say I really only know about it because of Flight of the Conchords."

They started laughing.

"Oh yeah" the son replied "Those guys are pretty popular in America aren't they."

"New Zealand's amazing" he continued "The ocean meets the land, which meets the mountains. All in the same view."

We exchanged one or two more lines of dialogue and said good bye.

As we crossed the street the son yelled "Come visit New Zealand."

I know they were just saying that....but in my heart I wanted to shout back "I WILL."

It just seemed like such a nice invitation!

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