Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Matt and Amy on the rocks?

Little People Big World is my favorite show.

So you can imagine my excitement when I noticed itunes already had 4 episodes up for season 8.

I live in constant fear that the Roloff's will stop doing the show and I will not have a family to vicariously live through while I am away from my real family.

The Roloff's are my own personal Truman Show.

They are the only reality T.V. show I have ever been able to relate to and understand.

So I was very happy to see that they are indeed doing another season.

I downloaded the first two episode and started watching them as I jogged on the treadmill.

My blood was flowing, I had a steady pace and I was watching my favorite family.

I felt all cozy inside.

2 min. into the episode Amy and Matt began joking about divorce.

Now they have done this once or twice before....but this time they really carried on about it.

They also did several individual interviews about the subject.

It happened throughout the whole episode and my heart immediately sunk.

I tried to brush it off and continued into the next episode.

Once again Matt and Amy seemed very disconnected from one another and talked loosely about how they have different dreams and how they were curious about what their future together as a couple held.

Now I'm on episode 4 and Matt needs spinal surgery and thinks he is going to die.


Matt, Amy I love you guys.

I know life gets hard, marriage gets really hard, I know I know but please you have to stay together!

The future of me viewing reality T.V. families depends on it!

And Matt stop saying you think you are going to die.

You can't die!

Aghhhhh I just don't know what I would do without knowing you guys aren't out on your farm growing pumpkins and being a great family!

So please for my sake work out the kinks.




Deanna Moffitt said...

Jeannie!! I love this show too and don't have cable so sometimes I go to youtube and catch whatever I can. I think I watched the exact same episode you're talking about. The one where Matt wanted desperately to finish his daughter's castle. And they just kept talking about what divorce would be like. I couldn't take it and didn't even finish the whole episode.

Guillermo said...

I haven't watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 since the break-up. It seems too awkward for me now.