Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wet n Wild

I specifically remember the last time I was at a water park.

I was 12 years old and my Dad took me and a friend to one right outside D.C.

My Dad was very generous and splurged and bought me my own raft for the day.

I was in the wave pool with my friend and the waves were really picking up speed.

There were a ton of kids in the pool and I kinda got pushed around a bit and went under water.

When I came back up a girl a little older than me said "You better never touch me again or I'll get Tino to punch you in the face. Give me that stupid raft."

And then she stole my raft.

We went to Wet n Wild water park for Brett's birthday on Saturday.

(Not to be confused with Wet n Wild cosmetics which is a brand of super cheap make-up that you can find at your local drugstore.)

I had so much fun!!!

This came as a huge shock to me because I haven't enjoyed amusement parks since when I went on the Batman ride at Six Flags St. Louis.

That ride really jerked me around and I kinda swore of all rides after that.

However on Saturday I rode tons of water slides.

Which now that I think about it is kinda more daring than roller coaster because there are no seat belts on those rafts.

Your sitting on a tube and they send you down some pretty crazy flumes and they don't even tell you hold on.

Here are some pictures of the rides we went on.

This one is called the Tornado.

I was the most scared going down the drop into the funnel.

This one is called the Raging River and was our favorite slide of the day.

We rode it 3 times and laughed so hard we couldn't breathe.

And of course my favorite ride of the day.

The Lazy River.

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