Friday, September 18, 2009


There are certain things in my life I know I'll never do: climb Mt. Everest, swim with sharks etc.

And I thought learning how to play Risk was on that list.....but not anymore.

You see I always considered Risk to be a very complicated, intricate game, with no set rules and a million trillion parts.

I thought learning how to play it would bore me to death.

I have only known mean nerds to play that game.

"Mean Nerds": people who are smart yet socially awkward yet when you try to be nice and include them they flip the script and put you down as not being cool enough to hang out with them.

I have known so many mean nerds in my day.

In sixth grade the mean nerds started playing "Raptor Tag" in the playground.

The game was played exactly like tag except that everyone had to act like a raptor.

Jurassic Park had just come out in the theaters.

Everyone who played Raptor Tag looked like an idiot.

Screeching that high pitch noise raptors make and holding their hands cocked at their chest like raptors.

They were a joke.

However I asked to play with them several times and each time they laughed in my face and said NO!

Agh mean nerds are so annoying!

Anyway for those reasons and more (pong, pokemon, magic the gathering, dungeons and dragons) I thought I would never learn how to play Risk.

Two weeks ago however Brett bought the original Risk and taught me how to play.

It's not that hard at all!

There are set rules and there are really only 3 times of pieces you just have a lot of them.

I came in second place the last time we played!

I even conquered all of North America.

To my great surprise I did not become a mean nerd after playing it.

Sometimes I feel like if you enjoy things mean nerds enjoy you could possible transform into them.

Not so.

Now if only I could get a game of Raptor Tag going.

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