Thursday, September 3, 2009


About a month ago Joni, a very sweet girl who works in food services on the boat, asked me if I had ever seen Beaches.

I told her I hadn't and she flipped out!

"What!!!! How is that possible its my favorite movie" said Joni.

I specifically remember my parents coming home after seeing Beaches in the theatre.

I was five years old.

"Oh it was a wonderful film. Just fantastic. I loved it!" said my Mom.

Meanwhile my Dad looked at her like she was crazy.

"Ah bunch of bologna that's what that movie was. What was everyone crying about?" argued my Father.

After hearing that every woman in the movie theatre was crying at the end of that film I filed a mental note in my brain to never see it.

During mic check last week in walked Joni with a blue plastic bag.

"Jeannie I brought you Beaches" she said.

Then she looked deep into my eyes and said "Get ready to watch the greatest friendship story ever told."

I thanked her and turned to Jeff "Have you ever seen Beaches?"

"Yeah. It's alright." He said.

I was very surprised!

I thought Jeff was going to make a vomit face.

But instead he shrugged his shoulders and said he'd like to watch it with me.

This gave me hope that I might actually like it.

Here's what I thought Beaches was about for the last 21 years of my life:

I thought it was about sisters who grow apart and then the one with the dark hair gets breast cancer and dies.

I don't know why I thought Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler could have played sisters since they look nothing alike.

Never the less I have always imagined that is what the plot of the movie was.

I was pretty far off....however I was right that Barbara Hershey dies.

The movie was good and I enjoyed it.

Bette Midler is a scream and I always love her.

I totally choked up at the end but remembered the way I felt when I heard the theatre was packed with wailing women back in 1988 and swallowed my tears.

But yes it was a great friendship movie!

On a lighter note the DVD included a Beaches Blooper reel.


I have never heard of a blooper reel for a dramatic movie.

It was kinda funny but not really because Barbara Hershey would be near death with her daughter above her crying and the director would yell "Cut! Victoria when you run in the room you don't need to bring your coat!" and everyone would start laughing including Hershey lying dead on the floor.

It was disturbing!

I don't think they should ever make a blooper reel out of dramatic movies again!

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