Saturday, September 19, 2009


Chris from my cast has been known to say "Jeannie you are like an 85 year old woman."

It makes me laugh so hard every time he says it and I guess that's because it's true.

I ordered decaf coffee at dinner and he busted out laughing "Jeannie who orders decaf! You are an 85 year old woman."

And more recently when hearing we were going to a water park I exclaimed my love for the lazy river. Chris almost spit his drink out and said "Jeannie you are an 85 year old woman!"

I'm really relishing his new opinion of me because I never thought I would act like an old lady.

However when I take a good look at my life I can see where people would think that.


In high school I created a fictitious character named Barbara and convinced my Honors British Literature teacher Dr. Ruehl that Barbara was real.

To me Barbara was an elegant lady in her late 60's who drove a Rolls Royce.

She also spoke when a heavy affectation in which people thought she was British.

I created Barbara from thin air one day with my friend Tiffany.

We were just goofing around in Brit Lit saying things like "Barbara loves fruit cake!" and "Barbara drives a Rolls Royce!"

Tiffany and I were cracking each other up at how silly we were being.

Dr. Ruehl, being an affluent woman herself, overheard our conversation and said "I think I know that woman."

This of course caused Tiffany and I to burst into giggles because of course Barbara wasn't real.

"Did you say she drives a Rolls Royce?" Dr. Ruehl asked.

"Yes" Tiffany and I answered.

"What color?" Dr. Ruehl inquired.

"Silver" I replied after a second or two.

"Yep I know exactly who she is." Dr. Ruehl replied.

After that, Tiffany and I made it a point to make tons of Barbara comments in Brit Lit.

"Barbara loves a good game of bridge."

"Barbara only vacations in Monte Carlo."

"Barbara wouldn't be caught dead without an after dinner mint."

With each comment Dr. Ruehl would look up from her desk and say "Really? No I didn't know that about Barbara."

Then she would go back to grading her papers.

Once we even told Dr. Ruehl that Barbara wanted to meet her.

"Really?" Dr. Ruehl said "That would be nice."

Unfortunately we were never able to arrange that meeting.

As our senior year came to an end so did Barbara.

One really cool thing that did happen however was that the Tiffany went on a school sponsored trip to New York and found sheet music for a song called "Barbara's Theme".

There was a doodle on the front of an elegant, regal woman in an evening gown, long pearls on her neck, standing by a piano and holding a drink.

She looked exactly the way we imagined her.

The lyrics were also spot on.

I don't remember them word for word but they were something like "Your the tops. No one can do you better than you. So let's all raise our glass to Barbara. A lady above all the rest."

It was just too perfect.

I still have that sheet music somewhere in my parents house.


So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I was creating a 65 year old woman when I was 18 years old, its not hard to believe that at 26 years of age I am acting like an 85 year old.

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Rebecca said...

Jeannie - Maybe this is why I love you so much. You know how much I love old people and the Golden Girls! XO-Becca