Friday, September 18, 2009

Ahi Tuna

I've been meaning to write about my obsession with Ahi Tuna for a while now.

I can't exactly remember when my obsession started.

I think the first time I had Ahi Tuna was in a fancy restaurant in Charlottesville somewhere in the downtown mall.

It was cooked just slightly from the outside but the middle was raw and I was hooked.

I love ordering Ahi Tuna sashimi.

It's just so crisp and cool.

And I love dunking it in soy sauce.
Fortunately, Hawaii also loves Ahi Tuna and I find it on the menu wherever I go.

I get it almost every time I go out to eat.

Sometimes on a salad but usually in a wrap of some sort.

I have no clue where I could buy ahi tuna.

Whole Foods?

I have no idea how to prepare raw food in my home.

Do you just buy a hunk of it and then just slice it at home?

This is very confusing to me as I would like to have raw tuna whenever I want.

I don't trust myself enough to prepare it thought.

I feel like you have to go to special sushi school for that.

Guess I'll just have to eat out for the rest of my life.

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