Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cardboard iPhone case

Chris told me about this cardboard iPhone case but I had to see it to believe it.

It's called the recession case.

Only 99 cents and free shipping.

It is however currently sold out.

Wet n Wild

I specifically remember the last time I was at a water park.

I was 12 years old and my Dad took me and a friend to one right outside D.C.

My Dad was very generous and splurged and bought me my own raft for the day.

I was in the wave pool with my friend and the waves were really picking up speed.

There were a ton of kids in the pool and I kinda got pushed around a bit and went under water.

When I came back up a girl a little older than me said "You better never touch me again or I'll get Tino to punch you in the face. Give me that stupid raft."

And then she stole my raft.

We went to Wet n Wild water park for Brett's birthday on Saturday.

(Not to be confused with Wet n Wild cosmetics which is a brand of super cheap make-up that you can find at your local drugstore.)

I had so much fun!!!

This came as a huge shock to me because I haven't enjoyed amusement parks since when I went on the Batman ride at Six Flags St. Louis.

That ride really jerked me around and I kinda swore of all rides after that.

However on Saturday I rode tons of water slides.

Which now that I think about it is kinda more daring than roller coaster because there are no seat belts on those rafts.

Your sitting on a tube and they send you down some pretty crazy flumes and they don't even tell you hold on.

Here are some pictures of the rides we went on.

This one is called the Tornado.

I was the most scared going down the drop into the funnel.

This one is called the Raging River and was our favorite slide of the day.

We rode it 3 times and laughed so hard we couldn't breathe.

And of course my favorite ride of the day.

The Lazy River.

Sumo Shirt

I NEVER buy t-shirts.

But this one really caught my eye yesterday.

I saw it and bought it all within a span of one minute.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Chris from my cast has been known to say "Jeannie you are like an 85 year old woman."

It makes me laugh so hard every time he says it and I guess that's because it's true.

I ordered decaf coffee at dinner and he busted out laughing "Jeannie who orders decaf! You are an 85 year old woman."

And more recently when hearing we were going to a water park I exclaimed my love for the lazy river. Chris almost spit his drink out and said "Jeannie you are an 85 year old woman!"

I'm really relishing his new opinion of me because I never thought I would act like an old lady.

However when I take a good look at my life I can see where people would think that.


In high school I created a fictitious character named Barbara and convinced my Honors British Literature teacher Dr. Ruehl that Barbara was real.

To me Barbara was an elegant lady in her late 60's who drove a Rolls Royce.

She also spoke when a heavy affectation in which people thought she was British.

I created Barbara from thin air one day with my friend Tiffany.

We were just goofing around in Brit Lit saying things like "Barbara loves fruit cake!" and "Barbara drives a Rolls Royce!"

Tiffany and I were cracking each other up at how silly we were being.

Dr. Ruehl, being an affluent woman herself, overheard our conversation and said "I think I know that woman."

This of course caused Tiffany and I to burst into giggles because of course Barbara wasn't real.

"Did you say she drives a Rolls Royce?" Dr. Ruehl asked.

"Yes" Tiffany and I answered.

"What color?" Dr. Ruehl inquired.

"Silver" I replied after a second or two.

"Yep I know exactly who she is." Dr. Ruehl replied.

After that, Tiffany and I made it a point to make tons of Barbara comments in Brit Lit.

"Barbara loves a good game of bridge."

"Barbara only vacations in Monte Carlo."

"Barbara wouldn't be caught dead without an after dinner mint."

With each comment Dr. Ruehl would look up from her desk and say "Really? No I didn't know that about Barbara."

Then she would go back to grading her papers.

Once we even told Dr. Ruehl that Barbara wanted to meet her.

"Really?" Dr. Ruehl said "That would be nice."

Unfortunately we were never able to arrange that meeting.

As our senior year came to an end so did Barbara.

One really cool thing that did happen however was that the Tiffany went on a school sponsored trip to New York and found sheet music for a song called "Barbara's Theme".

There was a doodle on the front of an elegant, regal woman in an evening gown, long pearls on her neck, standing by a piano and holding a drink.

She looked exactly the way we imagined her.

The lyrics were also spot on.

I don't remember them word for word but they were something like "Your the tops. No one can do you better than you. So let's all raise our glass to Barbara. A lady above all the rest."

It was just too perfect.

I still have that sheet music somewhere in my parents house.


So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I was creating a 65 year old woman when I was 18 years old, its not hard to believe that at 26 years of age I am acting like an 85 year old.

Friday, September 18, 2009


There are certain things in my life I know I'll never do: climb Mt. Everest, swim with sharks etc.

And I thought learning how to play Risk was on that list.....but not anymore.

You see I always considered Risk to be a very complicated, intricate game, with no set rules and a million trillion parts.

I thought learning how to play it would bore me to death.

I have only known mean nerds to play that game.

"Mean Nerds": people who are smart yet socially awkward yet when you try to be nice and include them they flip the script and put you down as not being cool enough to hang out with them.

I have known so many mean nerds in my day.

In sixth grade the mean nerds started playing "Raptor Tag" in the playground.

The game was played exactly like tag except that everyone had to act like a raptor.

Jurassic Park had just come out in the theaters.

Everyone who played Raptor Tag looked like an idiot.

Screeching that high pitch noise raptors make and holding their hands cocked at their chest like raptors.

They were a joke.

However I asked to play with them several times and each time they laughed in my face and said NO!

Agh mean nerds are so annoying!

Anyway for those reasons and more (pong, pokemon, magic the gathering, dungeons and dragons) I thought I would never learn how to play Risk.

Two weeks ago however Brett bought the original Risk and taught me how to play.

It's not that hard at all!

There are set rules and there are really only 3 times of pieces you just have a lot of them.

I came in second place the last time we played!

I even conquered all of North America.

To my great surprise I did not become a mean nerd after playing it.

Sometimes I feel like if you enjoy things mean nerds enjoy you could possible transform into them.

Not so.

Now if only I could get a game of Raptor Tag going.

Ahi Tuna

I've been meaning to write about my obsession with Ahi Tuna for a while now.

I can't exactly remember when my obsession started.

I think the first time I had Ahi Tuna was in a fancy restaurant in Charlottesville somewhere in the downtown mall.

It was cooked just slightly from the outside but the middle was raw and I was hooked.

I love ordering Ahi Tuna sashimi.

It's just so crisp and cool.

And I love dunking it in soy sauce.
Fortunately, Hawaii also loves Ahi Tuna and I find it on the menu wherever I go.

I get it almost every time I go out to eat.

Sometimes on a salad but usually in a wrap of some sort.

I have no clue where I could buy ahi tuna.

Whole Foods?

I have no idea how to prepare raw food in my home.

Do you just buy a hunk of it and then just slice it at home?

This is very confusing to me as I would like to have raw tuna whenever I want.

I don't trust myself enough to prepare it thought.

I feel like you have to go to special sushi school for that.

Guess I'll just have to eat out for the rest of my life.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


About a month ago Joni, a very sweet girl who works in food services on the boat, asked me if I had ever seen Beaches.

I told her I hadn't and she flipped out!

"What!!!! How is that possible its my favorite movie" said Joni.

I specifically remember my parents coming home after seeing Beaches in the theatre.

I was five years old.

"Oh it was a wonderful film. Just fantastic. I loved it!" said my Mom.

Meanwhile my Dad looked at her like she was crazy.

"Ah bunch of bologna that's what that movie was. What was everyone crying about?" argued my Father.

After hearing that every woman in the movie theatre was crying at the end of that film I filed a mental note in my brain to never see it.

During mic check last week in walked Joni with a blue plastic bag.

"Jeannie I brought you Beaches" she said.

Then she looked deep into my eyes and said "Get ready to watch the greatest friendship story ever told."

I thanked her and turned to Jeff "Have you ever seen Beaches?"

"Yeah. It's alright." He said.

I was very surprised!

I thought Jeff was going to make a vomit face.

But instead he shrugged his shoulders and said he'd like to watch it with me.

This gave me hope that I might actually like it.

Here's what I thought Beaches was about for the last 21 years of my life:

I thought it was about sisters who grow apart and then the one with the dark hair gets breast cancer and dies.

I don't know why I thought Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler could have played sisters since they look nothing alike.

Never the less I have always imagined that is what the plot of the movie was.

I was pretty far off....however I was right that Barbara Hershey dies.

The movie was good and I enjoyed it.

Bette Midler is a scream and I always love her.

I totally choked up at the end but remembered the way I felt when I heard the theatre was packed with wailing women back in 1988 and swallowed my tears.

But yes it was a great friendship movie!

On a lighter note the DVD included a Beaches Blooper reel.


I have never heard of a blooper reel for a dramatic movie.

It was kinda funny but not really because Barbara Hershey would be near death with her daughter above her crying and the director would yell "Cut! Victoria when you run in the room you don't need to bring your coat!" and everyone would start laughing including Hershey lying dead on the floor.

It was disturbing!

I don't think they should ever make a blooper reel out of dramatic movies again!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michelle Smiling

I have a very good memory and I distinctly remember every episode of Full House.

This is one of the strangest moments on Full House for me.

It was even hard watching the youtube.

Just so weird and so out of context.

Am I the only one who remembers this song?

Real LIfe Ramen Girl

Last Saturday we went to Kiwami Ramen.

It was a very cute place.

I liked sitting at the counter.

To start we were given a little bowl of rice with salted Hawaiian pork.


The ramen was amazing!