Thursday, August 27, 2009

Independence Day

There are certain movies that my brother Bud and I cherish together.

None of them are good, they just hold a special place in our heart.

Because even though we were young we recognized how bad they were.

Till this day Bud and I talk shop about Independence Day.

We saw it in the theatre together I was in 7th grade which means Bud was in 3rd.

I remember everyone in the theatre cheering and laughing at everything Will Smith said.

I specifically remember not laughing and looking around at everyone thinking "Are you people crazy this movie is horrible."

Independence Day however is one of those movies you end up watching a lot as a kid.

I mean once that movie started playing on TBS and TNT Bud and I must have watched it a million times and by that time characters and catch phrases start to grow on you.

We have narrowed down our favorite moments to those containing Harvey Fierstein and Judd Hirsch.

I didn't realize anyone else shared this fascination till I found this:

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