Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hair Revival and Caissie Levy

I am always upset that I never get to see broadway shows.

So instead I youtube clips from the shows, read plays and download musicals to stay in the loop.

I have always loved the music of Hair.

I used to sing it in the car all the time.

Its just so good.

Well I started youtubing the show and I pretty much found my favorite singer ever.

Caissie Levy.

I can't stop listening to her she is unbelievable and phenomenal.

I have no idea how she can belt so high and so loud for so long.

She sings Defying Gravity better than Idina.

Anyway here are two videos that at least Molly Wilbanks should watch!

1 comment:

Molls said...

Um. Yea. That girl can SING!