Monday, August 24, 2009

The Fall of Theatre Etiquette

What do all these movies have in common?

Take a guess.

No, still can't figure it out?

Then let me tell you: People talked throughout the entirety of these three movies when I went to see them in the theatre.

I am actually at a loss for words.

For the last 4 years I have been mentally tracking poor theatre etiquette and its gotten so bad.

People crunching on loud candy and talking very loudly in act II of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe at the Shubert Theatre, people coughing up their lungs during 4 different visits to the Chicago Symphony, countless improv audiences crossing the line from participating audience member into annoying drunk guy, and now PEOPLE TALKING DURING EVERY MOVIE I SEE IN HAWAII.

I'm a big Tarantino fan and have been waiting for his new film to come out for a year.

Two men sitting directly behind me talked during the entire film:

"How do they keep that milk cold?"

"What kind of a pipe you think that is? Elephant Tusk?"

"They are going to kill him. Well they better. Wait they didn't kill him? Well they should have. Oh wait did they kill him?"

"That's Brad Pitt."

"Red Dress? Interesting choice."

"I don't know what's happening."

"What's happening?"

2 and 1/2 hours of that nonsense back and forth back and forth.

Not whispering. Full booming voice. And if there are loud action moments in the films I have seen the people start shouting over the action.

I almost cried.

I turned and shushed them and the woman next to me jumped out of her skin and gave me a dirty look and told her husband I scared her.

That's another weird thing about Hawaii: NO ONE SEEMS TO MIND THAT PEOPLE ARE TALKING????!??!?!?!??!?!!

It's insane.

Jeff proceeded to shush them two more times and people gave US dirty looks!

The Hurt Locker was my favorite movie of the year and it was RUINED by 5 guys who talked not only during the whole film but during all those great quiet sequence shots.

I don't know what to do.

It doesn't look like this behavior is going to end anytime soon.

Any ideas?

And don't say "Tell the workers" they don't do anything about it either.


BrianFinlay said...

I know what the problem is. You are going to the movies right when they are released. Unfortunately on an opening weekend of a movie everyone goes to see the movie. You honestly need to wait to see a movie until the 3rd week it has been out. That way there are a lot less people there and if you do happen to sit by talkers you can easily move seats, since the theater is a relatively empty. I know it sucks. And I loathe these movie talkers. But i guess it is true when they say that good things come to those who wait.

Obsessions said...


You are right I know you are right....however how do I deal with people who diss me for not seeing the movie opening weekend. You know like when people are talking about a new movie and then you say "What" and then they look at you and go "Wait you didn't see it yet?" then they roll their eyes!

What to do?