Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coraline, Big Love Season 2 and 3, Update on Ramen Girl

I love Coraline!

They show it every morning on the ship channel and I enjoy watching it every day as I get dressed.

It's a little scary for kids but I love the whole concept and its so well done.

I think I want to buy it so I can watch it in 3-D.

In other news I am all caught up on Big Love.

Boy seasons 2 and 3 get insane.

At points this show can be terrifying as well.

Lastly I finished Ramen may remember my earlier post on it.

The movie staring Brittney Murphy who plays a woman who's boyfriend drags her to Japan then dumps her forcing her to find employment in a ramen shop.

Yeah...the movie was bad.

But I still enjoyed it.

I love all the locations in the movie.

The ramen shop itself is super cozy and it made me want to learn how to make ramen.

In fact Jeff and I are going to an authentic ramen noodle restaurant this Saturday in Honolulu.

If the movie taught me anything it's that ramen is a work of art.

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