Saturday, August 29, 2009

Always thirsty and nothing to drink...

I am always thirsty and yet I never have anything to drink.

On the cruise ship you have to make an effort to get a glass of water.

The cafeteria is only open during certain times and its a little difficult to get water elsewhere.

I mean you could buy a bottle but its literally $6.

Plus I'm usually in my room and don't want to leave just to get some water.

It's annoying lugging bottled water onto the ship because its such a hassle to carry it around all day and its heavy.

I also don't like buying water from the crew bar where its cheaper because there is so much pressure to tip the crew bartender and I get so worried I end up tipping $5.

So basically I am constantly thirsty.

I will say that I have been this way pretty much my entire adult life.

I sometimes go 12 hours without having anything to drink solely because I don't want to get up and get a drink.

In college I would wake up get dressed walk 3 miles to the drama building then grab a coffee or something.

But for those first 4 hours of the morning I wouldn't drink anything.

Same with work life.

I would wake up, get dressed, get on the "L", get to a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts close to my work and eventually drink something.

At work I would sit in reception and usually not want to get up and get a drink of water from the break room because anytime I was in the break room someone would ask me to do something inane for them.

Or people would come up with new inventive ways I should fix up the break room which were so annoying that I found myself avoiding it all together.

Side note: I actually found out that due to the recession my old office has stopped providing snacks, coffee and drinks to its employees. I was thrilled to hear that. People drove me so insane over that break room that I wish I had been the person to say "Oh I'm sorry didn't you hear the news....we aren't stocking the break room anymore." That would have felt great.


Back to my point.

I apparently find it hard to get a drink inside of me.

I don't like tap water and I only like freezing cold drinks.

I don't like carrying said drinks from grocery stores to my apartment or work or cabin on the ship because I think carrying drinks is annoying.

So I don't know how to fix this problem.

All I know is that I had something to drink last night around 8pm, woke up walked 2 miles and felt like I was going to pass out then I realized I hadn't drank anything for 14+ hours.

Wow I think this posts just sums up my laziness.

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Rebecca said...

I re-read it and loved the line about the break room. Take that Coke Rewards!!