Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Computer Games

Video/ Computer games have really helped me as an improvisor.

In some ways I would even say they helped shape me into an improvisor from an early age.

You see to beat video games you need to have good hand eye coordination but also you need to have some smarts!

Below are some of my favorite computer games that really help sharpen my mind.

Seriously they are all about memory and multitasking two very useful skills anyone can use.

1.) Day Dream: My First Home- This game gives you a list of objects that you need to find in different messy cluttered rooms. Believe it or not this game can be very challenging. They have a line of these types of games out. Look for Day Dream: Wedding, Honeymoon etc.

2.) Coffee Rush: Ever wonder what it's like to be a Starbucks Barista? This game gives you a good insight and I think the answer is STRESSFUL! This game is tricky at first. You have to make people their coffee but can only do so by matching pictures as they drop from above. Almost has a Bejeweled/ Tetris feel. And the customers are ruthless!

3.) Cake Mania: This is the first computer game I have ever owned. I discovered it at work one day. It's a great memory game. You just have to make different combination of cakes for customers.
4.) Dairy Queen Tycoon: I haven't figured this game out yet. It's kinda tricky. Basically the better you do the more DQ stores you open. The customers are hard to please and this is the first game where I have had to manage a staff of incompetent employees. The weird thing is that I've accomplished more with 2 horrible staff members than I have when I shell out the big bucks for 1 stellar employee. Is this game trying to say something about the workforce?

5.) Burger Island: You work your way around an island setting up burger joints and unlocking delicious recipes for shakes, fries, burgers and more. Very fun.

Aim to beat these games beginning to end.

Also most of these games will make you hungry for whatever it is you are preparing as a cyber cook.

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