Friday, July 31, 2009

Christmas Town: Busch Gardens

I am planning on taking a trip sometime in December to visit my best friend Melanie Quick!

I seriously haven't seen her in like 4 years!

I still have yet to meet 2 of her children and see her new I've decided to plan a trip to good old Maryland.

Talking to Melanie yesterday the only thing she said she had on her calender was a trip to Bush Gardens.

"This year they are having something called Christmas Town" she said.

As soon as I got off the phone with her I googled Christmas Town Busch Gardens and was sent to a magical website.

I am officially obsessed!

O.k. so for those of you who don't know Bush Gardens is am amusement park that is divided into different countries: Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland and France.

Well this year after Thanksgiving they are decorating each country according to the holiday customs and traditions of that land!!!

Here are some of the highlights:

1.) Take an old timey Christmas Card photo

2.) Professional carolers

3.) Holiday Treats: Christmas Town Holiday Sundaes, Christmas funnel cakes, eggnog and eggnog desserts, special hot chocolate, other special holiday drinks.

4.) Christmas ornaments from the past and present.

5.) Penguin village with real penguins

6.) Santa's Workshop with real Santa and Elves.

Visit just to check it out!

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