Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cheese Platters

I love cheese platters!

If I could I would eat them for dinner every night.

In fact there is a pretty good cheese bar in the Aloha Cafe on the ship and for lunch I have been eating fruit with crackers and cheese.


One problem: I'm pretty sure I could eat an entire cheese tray by myself.

Room service on the boat is free however they have a cheese platter you can order for $20.

Robyn and I really want to order it and share it but so far we have been too scared to do so.

Sometimes workers don't like preparing fancy things for other workers.

So I don't want to order it then have room service come to the crew area and be like "Oh a crew member ordered this?! What a diva!"

But I want the cheese platter!

It has cheese they are not putting out in the Aloha Cafe on it.

If they would just open that Whole Foods in Maui I would be able to create my own cheese platter.

But until that happens I will be daydreaming of cheese platters all day long.

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