Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bethenny Frankel

Last week I visited www.bethenny.com to check out Bethenny Frankel's site.

I really want to order some of her Bethenny baked goods.

They look delicious and nutritious.

Yesterday I went ahead and bought her new book Naturally Thin.

I'm really enjoying it.

I am by no means on a diet of any sorts and that is why I like the book.

Its not a diet book.

Its just her take on food and how she maintains such a great waistline.

Basically she eats whatever she wants when she wants it but stops when she is full.

Real groundbreaking I know...but in all seriousness it was nice to revisit this idea.

I lived in Rome for a summer and followed this principle: I ate delicious food and I ended up losing 5 pounds.

For some reason when I started making my own money I signed up for what Bethenny refers to as the "Clean Your Plate Membership".

Every time I bought food I wanted to eat it all because I paid for it and worked hard for that money and I deserved it blah blah blah.

The book is great and very comical.

Also it hardly has any recipes and the ones that are in it look extremely simple and worth trying when I'm back on land.

It's just nice seeing someone being so honest about themselves.

I feel like a lot of Hollywood actors want people to believe they don't eat or they want us to think they only shop at high end grocery stores and have trainers and we will never be able to look that good.

Bethenny proves this is not the case.

Say no to diets!

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