Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Audience Wins

I used to always feel jealous of characters and actors in movies.

Every now and then I still do.

Take the other night for example.

I went to see Harry Potter....and I'm actually not a fan of Harry Potter but I found myself jealous of those teens drinking butter beer and eating all sorts of enchanted treats on what looks like an amazing train ride to a beautiful school.

After the movie I turned to Jeff and said "Do you really think they give the actors butter beer to drink?"

"What do you mean?" He said.

"Well I always imagined butter beer is like hot chocolate only made with butterscotch and caramel. Do you think they make that for the actors so they can enjoy the experience?" I said.

"No" Jeff replied

"Oh so its just like colored water?" I asked

"Yes" Jeff said.

"How much of that movie is CGI?" I then asked

"What do you mean? Jeff asked back.

"Like when Harry and Dumbledoor are looking out at Hogwarts are those beautiful mountains really there?" I clarified.

"No" Jeff replied.

That's when it hit me. A theory I came up with in college for my 4th year thesis. The audience is the one who truly gets to enjoy a movie, much more than the actors or directors or anyone.

There is no need to be jealous that that's not you kissing Robert Pattinson in Twilight. The feeling you get when he kisses Kristen Stewart is better than the feeling she has kissing him.

I promise!

The audience always wins.

Those Potter kids are standing on green fabric, drinking orange flavored water and trying to remember lines and act accordingly.

I am comfortable watching the film and taking in all aspects of it at once: scenery, lighting, music and acting.

So the next time you find yourself being jealous of a young Hollywood starlet who gets to kiss so and so or the next time you are feeling blue thinking "I'll never know what it feels like to be in a major motion picture."

Just remember in the end the audience wins and gets to enjoy a movie more than anyone else.

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Adal Up and Ride said...

I'm not sure if you've heard of this but they are currently building a Harry Potter theme park in Florida complete with a Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. It opens next year I believe and they have hinted at serving butter beer!!!