Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Twix, Twilight, Twitter

I've been trying to stay away from the 3 Tw's: Twix, Twilight and Twitter.

Well last week I broke down and bought Twilight!

It was only $7.68 at Walmart and it came with a sweet poster in the back.

So now I am one of those adults that I used to make fun of for reading books from the young adult section.

In my defense I am a sucker for forbidden love stories.

I am obsessed with Forbidden Love!

And that is what Bella and Edward have.

So for the record I am not obsessed with vampires but with Forbidden Love!

My friend Becca and I are obsessed with certain celebrity/ fictional relationships.

Not your typical Hollywood relationships like Brad and Angelina, more like Ed Burns and Christie Turlington.

We used to freak out in our office when we read gossip about them.

Don't even get us started about My So Called Life and the relationship that Claire Danes had with Jordan Cattilano.

I would try and bring up the subject with Becca and she would be like "Jeannie I cannot even go there right now or I will freak out!"

There are just some relationships that are so forbidden and tumultuous and yes fictional that Becca and I can hardly stand it.

Well Bella and Edward are totally in that category now.

Thank God I'm not around Becca right now or we would be discussing it non stop and probable break into a cold sweat.

There is also an extra layer of freak out added to the fact that Stewart and Pattinson also seem to have a tumultuous relationship going on in real life.

It's just too much to handle.

I called Becca twice yesterday to discuss this but she didn't pick up.

It's for the best.

That scene in the movie where he is playing the piano for her.

I can't even go there!!!!!!

O.k. this is the only post I am allowing myself to blog about Edward/Bella/Stewart/ Pattinson.

Here is a pic of me and my amazing friend Becca!!!!

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