Sunday, June 21, 2009


I love Seltzer Water!!!!

The first seltzer water I ever had was New York Seltzer.

I was probable around 8 years old and I was living in Ohio at the time and every time my family would drive to Kings Island amusement park my Dad would stop at this great bagel place and I would get a salt bagel with regular cream cheese and a lime New York Seltzer!!!

Whatever happened to that company?

I haven't been able to find it since I was 8.

But that hasn't stopped me from my love of Seltzer, Club Soda and Sparking Water.

I wish all water was sparkling.

When I was in Italy for a summer the waiters would always ask me if I wanted still water or frizzante, I always said frizzante.

Sometimes I'm thirsty and I don't want water and I don't want soda but I want a little bit of carbonation.

I've loved carbonation ever since I realized how much it helped my stomach on car rides.

As I have mentioned before I am very prone to motion sickness.

I'm not too picky with my seltzer water and club soda. Canada Dry and Schweppes are great with a wedge of lime.

If I happen to be at a Walmart I'll pick up a few Sam's Choice sparking water which is only .75 and very refreshing.

I love starting my day of with an Orangina. You can also make your own at home with a little orange juice and a little club soda.

I discovered Club Orange when I was in Bermuda and love it! It's an Irish version of Orangina and I think its better. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

I haven't had a Clearly Canadian in a long time but have always enjoyed their clean taste.

I don't really care for La Croix. But I'll drink it if I have no other option.

I think one day I would like to invest in a Seltzer Maker so that I will never have to drink regular water ever again!