Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mustela Hydra Stick

I worked at Bloomingdales in Chicago for about 9 months.

I worked on the 5th floor in Woman's Contemporary Apparel.

It was a very trendy place to be.

I made tw0 BFF's for life while I worked there: Sara and Anne.

Sara, Anne and I never had much money.

We practically wore the same thing to work everyday and bought all our clothes and accessories at H&M.

Unlike the other girls on our floor who wore designer brands everyday and who's parents were DJ's and who all went to fashion school.

It was brought to my attention one day that there was this really cool brand of lip gloss called Mustela.

It was cool because you could only get it in the baby section of high end department stores and it wasn't really a gloss it was a hydration stick and it was from France ...etc.

Pretty much everyone had one on our floor except Sara, Anne and myself.

I really wanted one so on our lunch break we went to this baby boutique on Oak street and found them.

Ummmm they were $8.

I just couldn't justify spending that much money on lip gloss.

But everyday thereafter I watched with envy as all the other girls on my floor used their Mustela stick.

I would ask Anne and Sara frequently if they thought I should get one.

They were always like "I mean if you want to?"

About 2 months later I broke down and bought one.

Its a pretty cool little stick.

I loved it but never bought another one until I got to Hawaii and literally walked by a store that had it in the window.

I had to get it for nostalgic reasons!

That and it was only $6 here!

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