Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"I have to say it it's worth it"

"Honey its worth it"

Has become me and Robyn's favorite new catch phrase.

In the last few days the cast and I have done a lot of hiking and climbing.

There are of course tourists all around us doing the same thing.

I don't know about you.....but I don't like talking when I'm out of breathe.

But these older woman love stopping me as I'm on the way up and they're on the way down and they love to say "Honey...you've gotta see the top...IT'S WORTH IT."

What I don't like is that they say it in this voice as if to imply I was right about to turn around until I ran into them.

As if I was just thinking "You know what I've been hiking for 45 min., up a volcano, in 88 degree weather, I'm almost at the top but you know what I think I'm gonna turn around."

Even after I make it to the top they still aren't satisfied with me "Oh you HAVE to see it from the bunker over there...HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE BUNKER YET...WE HAVE!!!!"

And then they do this hip wiggle and walk away.

Robyn and I really love it when an older woman says "I hate to say it but ITS WORTH IT!"

Like its paining her to show off to us that she did more cardio in a day than she did in all of 2008.

I know they are proud of themselves and they are on vacation with their sisters or husband, I get it they are allowed to be excited.

But...I know its worth it!!!!!


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