Sunday, May 31, 2009

Up in 3D

Not as good as Wall-E but still worth seeing.

-- Post From My iPhone

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lake Wobegon Podcast

I remember being introduced to Garrison Keillor and Lake Wobegon when I was 8 years old and in the second grade.

My Dad used to play A Prairie Home Companion on Sunday afternoons when we would be driving around Alexandria, VA.

I remember thinking the show was amazing and hilarious even at such a young age.

I thought it was smart and brilliant.

My Mother bought my Dad a collection of Lake Wobegon stories on cassette tapes I think for Father's Day and I used to listen to them in my room at night.

They seriously cracked me up.

Till this day when I go home and my folks are driving me around we inevitable listen to Garrison Keillor.

Recently I came across Lake Wobegon's free podcast on my iPhone.

I went crazy and downloaded all of them.

I love listening to them on my light days at the gym and when I'm about to go to sleep.

Mr. Keillor is an amazing story teller.

His voice is soothing and his message is that all is right with the world and with the town of Lake Wobegon.

I can rest easy knowing all the woman are strong, all the men are good looking and all the children are above average.

Root Beer ect.

Root Beer is delicious.

I rarely let myself drink regular sugary soda but lately I've been treating myself to an ice cold Root Beer.

I love the taste: cold, bold and brassy.

I remember as a kid I would love getting different bottled root beer at restaurants my family would stop on during our road trips.

For some reason though I would chug the whole thing before the meal even came.

I feel like bottled root beer doesn't hold as much liquid that a can does.

It's either that or the nostalgia of the bottle makes me drink faster.

It would be an exceptional day when I would come across a gas station on a family road trip that had Barqs Red Creme Soda.

The fact that it's red adds a whole other layer of flavor for me.

My day would be made with a red creme soda.

I found myself telling my friends about it.

"Did you guys know that Shell up in Waldorf has Barqs Red Creme Soda?!"

They would never know what I was talking about but I was always so happy to find it.

I think it's because it reminds me of my favorite full calorie soda Big Red.

Big Red is a Texas thing.

It's all over Texas.

I've actually never seen it anywhere else.

That's not true: Literally the day Jeff and I were driving to the airport to do cruise boats we stopped in a gas station on Addison and Halsted that had 1 case of Big Red. Go figure.

But I would say Big Red is a Texas soda.

My Mom introduced it to me as a kid and every time we went to Texas we would bring a big case back with us and I would hand them out to my friends.

Again they were never as impressed as I was.

They just thought it was a soda.

To me it was so much more.

I drink Big Red all the time when I am in Texas.

I don't even think about the calories.

My mindset is "I'm eating and I'm in Texas I must have a Big Red."

All this talk of special soda has gotten me to think about Sunkist Fruit Punch Soda.

Where are you?

I can't even find a decent picture of you Sunkist Fruit Punch Soda.

I think the last time I had one was in 4th grade and it was delicious.

When I was in the Bahamas I found Slice Fruit Punch Soda....and was very disappointed.

It just wasn't as good.

All this talk of soda has made me very thirsty.

I think I might treat myself to a Sprite today.

A real Sprite.

I was totally one of those kids who drank Sprite after playing a hard game of basketball with my friends.

Those commercials are true.

I drank 20oz. of Sprite all the time after basketball practice.

That cold citrus taste after a hard work out was delicious.

I hate water!

O.k. now I really am thirsty.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy- Go- Lucky

I finally got around to seeing Happy-Go-Lucky!

I usually watch movies with Brett and Jeff.

Neither of them like movies like this therefore I have been putting off watching it.

Well this movie is so great that it reminded me that I just need to start watching some movies by myself.

So I have invented "Jeannie's Friday Afternoon Movie Watching."

Last Friday I worked out, bought some snacks and watched this fantastic film.

Sally Hawkins is an amazing, hilarious British actress that I wish I had tapped into sooner.

She is just so great.

If you haven't gotten the chance go watch this film.


I love Dove products.

I was raised on them.

In fact if you go into any bathroom in my parents house you will find Dove Shampoo and Conditioner and a bar of Dove soap.

Dove is just the best.

A week ago I thought I would switch things up and got Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner.

Big mistake.

It gave me tons of tangles and I longed for my Dove.

I love everything Dove including face wash and scrub.

I can't wait to run out of my gold Dove and switch to Dove thermal care.

Are there any other Dove lovers out there?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick Changing Artist

I have never heard of such a profession!

Its pretty cool!

Marukai Where East Meets West for Less!

Two weeks ago I got a membership to shop at a Japanese grocery store in Honolulu!

Imagine a regular grocery store...but with all Japanese stuff including: cleaning, beauty and health products.

The Royal Milk Tea was my greatest find!

I love drinking it in the morning.


I got a package from my parents after they went to a Fiesta!

It had so much cool stuff in it!
A cute little purse!
A beautiful Mexican dress!
This was an egg with confetti in the center!

Victoria and my Mom looking gorgeous!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fielding Brett Flix Hate Mail...

To Whom It May Concern,

I ordered a dvd from Brettflix on Thursday. I ordered the first UCB dvd. I have yet to receive said dvd. I am very angry. While I cannot pursue legal action, I can take my business elsewhere.
Please be aware that you are not the only dvd rental business on a cruise ship near/around Hawaii. If Brettflix's cannot meet my dvd needs then I will happily take my business to JDG's DVD store.

Good Day!

Ms. Jennifer Shepard

My name is Todd Jennings and I am a self-certified film buff. I have seen over 317 films and I also have a film buff email address, which obviously indicates that I am serious about films.

However, it appears Bretflix offers a number of movies that I have not seen, which I suppose is a good thing, as I would like to become a subscriber.

I am so happy to hear that I will be receiving a film in less than 8 hours from now, and right at my door step and for free, no less! It's very rare that I see any sustainable business has such an offering, but from the looks of your professional website, I would say your business is not hurting.

Will I need to be home when you deliver these DVD's to my door. Or should I just go ahead and stay at my doorstep for the next 8 hours? As it is midnight here I will stay awake until 8 am awaiting my DVD's but after that I am going to sleep.

If I do not receive these films you will receive an angry letter from me, you will have lost a customer, and you will also be hearing from the Better Business Bureau.

I would like to rent The Royal Tenenbaums, and What About Bob? Please deliver these to
3220 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60640.

I'm in need of a good laugh. Do you offer me a credit if i watch both of these films (which you label as comedy on your website) and I don't laugh?

Tell me, will more movies be added to your vault? Do you find you ever have to deal with dishonest customers and video piracy? Do you ID people at their doorstep to make sure you are not renting rated R movies to children under the age of 17? Do your delivery people expect a tip?
Lastly, your site was taking some time to upload. Will you be developing your site so that it is more user friendly.

Critically yours, (get it that's an old film buff joke (because I used the word critic (and there are film critics (and I'm a film buff)))

Todd Jennings
Film Buff

I am going to sleep as I have still not received my DVD's. I do not intend to use Brettflix again.

Is this the type of service you typically provide your customers?

*This also written by Todd this morning at 8am

Dear BrettFlix,
I am writing to express concern over my impending DVD rentals. I will be in the Hawaii area living on a cruise ship for a week in the summer and was planning on using BrettFlix for the duration of my stay. However, I am worried that I will not receive my DVDs in a timely matter. I read another customer's hatemail regarding the 8 hour DVD delivery rule, and he mentioned staying up all night waiting for a DVD that never showed. Now, I plan on tanning and swimming during my trip, as well as eating and living life to the fullest. How will I do all of these things AND wait for a DVD to arrive? I am already incredibly stressed out by the inevitable disappointment I will face if I use BrettFlix. I have decided to back out of my future contract with BrettFlix and sign on with JDG DVDs instead. At least I know I will actually *receive* my DVDs.

Perturbed Patty

"I have to say it it's worth it"

"Honey its worth it"

Has become me and Robyn's favorite new catch phrase.

In the last few days the cast and I have done a lot of hiking and climbing.

There are of course tourists all around us doing the same thing.

I don't know about you.....but I don't like talking when I'm out of breathe.

But these older woman love stopping me as I'm on the way up and they're on the way down and they love to say "'ve gotta see the top...IT'S WORTH IT."

What I don't like is that they say it in this voice as if to imply I was right about to turn around until I ran into them.

As if I was just thinking "You know what I've been hiking for 45 min., up a volcano, in 88 degree weather, I'm almost at the top but you know what I think I'm gonna turn around."

Even after I make it to the top they still aren't satisfied with me "Oh you HAVE to see it from the bunker over there...HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE BUNKER YET...WE HAVE!!!!"

And then they do this hip wiggle and walk away.

Robyn and I really love it when an older woman says "I hate to say it but ITS WORTH IT!"

Like its paining her to show off to us that she did more cardio in a day than she did in all of 2008.

I know they are proud of themselves and they are on vacation with their sisters or husband, I get it they are allowed to be excited.

But...I know its worth it!!!!!