Saturday, April 18, 2009


Listen up....I love Pedometers!

I love knowing how far I am walking and how many calories I am burning.

I'm not that healthy.

I mean its not like I'm like "Yes I walked 5 miles today and with my low calorie diet I am going to be fit in no time."

Instead I'm like "I walked 5 miles today!!!!! Surely I burned off that DQ Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard."

I just love seeing the number go up up and away.

Its so much fun for me.

Last Valentines day Jeff got me a Sony Walkman phone because it played music....yeah I never downloaded any music on it but it had a pedometer built into it!

I loved being the person in the group who would on occasion make a pedometer announcement like "Hey guys...I don't know if you realize this but we have walked 3.3 miles."

No one ever really cares UNLESS we are over the 10 mile mark.

Then they are like "No...that can't be...your thing must be messed up."

Comments like this make me a little angry because I love and trust all pedometers.

Well I just got a new iphone and the first question I asked Jeff was " there an application that allows you to have a pedometer on the iphone?"

And there is!!!!

I am back in business baby.

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