Monday, April 20, 2009

JDG's DVD's vs. Brett Flix

I run a fake DVD store on the ship called JDG's DVD's...or Jeffrey Dale Griggs' DVD's.

Jeff had a great DVD collection.

He has almost all the AFI top 100, every important comedy T.V show ever made, ect.

He let's people check them out and I'm in charge of writing down who checked out what.

There are no deadlines here at JDG's DVD's however if something is kept for an unusual amount of time I am responsible for calling that person.

Now Brett has started his own DVD business called Brett Flix.

However unlike Net Flix he does not deliver them to your cabin.

He boasts that he carries a wide array of Indie films which I have yet to see.

He has yet to get a customer.

So far our best customer is Chris who has checked out 5 movies.

In second place is Robyn who borrowed Jeff's video iPod and T.V connector which allowed her to see all of Mad Men season 2.

Now if you are looking for any Shirley Temple movies, or if you just have a strong desire to see the original Parent Trap, I'm your gal.

FJC's DVD's boasts many family classics and movies you loved watching over and over as a kid.

And I'm the only person in the cast with all 7 seasons of Little People Big World!

So please come and see me with any of your movie needs!


Lauren said...

Chris told me about the competition between JDG's DVDs and Brett Flix and I could not stop laughing!!
I can't wait to rent movies from you guys, but I will have to check out what Brett Flix has to offer first.

Rance Rizzutto said...

I was going to vouch for Brett Flix until you mentioned Little People Big World. I grew up in Tigard, OR which is about 10 miles away from Hillsboro, OR, which is where the Roloffs live. Also, I was in Milwaukee staying at the hotel that a LP convention was at, but missed it. I saw 6 LP on the elevator and didn't find out we were there during a convention until seeing the episode later.